Living Asturias: asesor personal shopper inmobiliario en Asturias

Personal Real Estate  Shopper in Asturias Northern Spain

We are dedicated specialist Real estate country property personal shopper agents.


Place your trust  in your personal Real Estate shopper

In ​ ​LIVING​ ​ASTURIAS​ we will gladly become your personal agent to search on your behalf  for the property that best suits your intended real estate investment.

Time saving

For you ,the purchaser, placing you trust in us at Living Asturias, as your personal property search shopper, will undoubtly mean a very substantial saving of your valuable time.

Money saving

With the intervention of a professional personal shopper  the potential purchaser also benefits from substantial cost savings made on travel ,hotel accomodation ,final property price negotiations and many other other expenses related to the property search  .

Peace of mind

From the very start of the search process , your personal shopper will represent peace of mind by protecting and guiding you through the mace of what can usually be a complicated property  search and  purchase proceedure, best left to professionals.   

Como realizamos nuestro trabajo

Cómo realizamos nuestro trabajo

1.The initial contact

During our first personal meeting with our potential clients, we like to discuss in detail what their requirements are. Time spent on understanding the type of conterder suitable properties  is very rewarding for both parts as it will save valuable time by doing a preselection of, not only what our clients are looking for, but more importantly, what the are NOT looking for.  Thus we stablish a clear communication between us from the very beginning which will hopefully lead to a sucessful and enjoyable search  for the ideal property.

2. Property search contract

Our property search contract serves to establish clearly the agreement between the parts. It is signed only once the characteristics of the required type of property and the services contracted with us as you personal buying agents are clearly understood and agreed by both parties. 


3.The search process

We undertake and exhaustive search for most suitable properties not depending of a limited porfolio but rather freely considering a broad selection all the available options such as the largest property portals, our collaborating  agents,personal contacts ,extensive local knowledge ,in situ inspections and viewings.

Conoce más detalles

Su trozo de paraíso

Your piece of paradise


Playa de Rodiles

Villaviciosa, The apple capital .


Elogio del Horizonte

Gijón is defined by the sea.


Playa Barrigón

Conlunga,from anticuity to our days.


Playa Cuevas del Mar

Spectacular protected coast line.


Desembocadura del río Sella

Ribadesella, a historical and cultural asset.

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Inversiones inmobiliarias en Asturias

Purchasing property in Asturias

If you intend purchasing your dream property in Asturias we will be pleased to help you find it.


Indiano architectural style houses.

This very characteristic style of small manor houses are  normally built on magnificent land plots very close to the coast.

Purchasing a country house in Asturias

If your preference is for a detached country house ,we will search on your behalf for the one that better suits your needs. We  just need to know the main requirements of your search.

Comprar una casa rústica en Asturias

The traditional style of country properties in Asturias is very unique. Owning such a property , is a long held dream for many people. 

Purchasing building land in Asturias

If you wish to develop from scrath, we have an extensive porfolio of very attractive rural land plots where you can develop the property to your own specifications and style.​

Ponte en contacto con nosotros

Si estás buscando una propiedad rústica en Asturias (casa de campo, finca, chalet, parcela edificable, etc.), ponte en contacto con nosotros y te ayudaremos a encontrar tu trozo de paraíso.

Puedes llamarnos al 689 89 33 16 o rellenar el siguiente formulario: