Living Asturias: asesor personal shopper inmobiliario en Asturias

Inversiones inmobiliarias en Asturias

Purchasing property in Asturias

If you intend purchasing your dream property in Asturias we will be pleased to help you find it.


Indiano architectural style houses.

This very characteristic style of small manor houses are  normally built on magnificent land plots very close to the coast.

Purchasing a country house in Asturias

If your preference is for a detached country house ,we will search on your behalf for the one that better suits your needs. We  just need to know the main requirements of your search.

Comprar una casa rústica en Asturias

The traditional style of country properties in Asturias is very unique. Owning such a property , is a long held dream for many people. 

Purchasing building land in Asturias

If you wish to develop from scrath, we have an extensive porfolio of very attractive rural land plots where you can develop the property to your own specifications and style.​