Living Asturias: asesor personal shopper inmobiliario en Asturias

Personal Buyer's Agent

With more than 20 years of exclusively selling rustic rural properties, we are the specialist in that field of Real Estate in Asturias.


When searching for the right property to suit all aspects of  Purchasers requirements ( price, location, size, style…) we, as your  Personal Shopper, represent a substantial improvement and a significant advantage on the classical Real estate Agent system.

The PS defends and represents the interests of the purchasers rather than the vendors by

Firstly: Not being obliged to selling only properties from a limited single listing but rather,  by exhaustively selecting properties from various listings with collaborating colleagues, searching web sites, in situ groundwork, using personal contacts, and calling on many years of area knowledge,  we are able to offer a  much broader spectrum of properties.

Secondly: With no feeling of direct commitment to a vendor, ensuring that the selected properties are free and clear of all charges, encumbrances, or hidden faults by undertaking a full search of those properties. This is particularly poignant in the case of rural country properties, where the structure of deeds, land, and rates registrations,  can be fairly complicated.

Thirdly: By doing extensively initial groundwork, much valuable time, useless searches, and disappointments are avoided.

Thus, although Estate Agents and Personal Shoppers are two sides of the same coin. There is a significant difference in that:  An Estate Agent finds himself caught in a conflict of interests, often leaning on the side of the Vendor, who has entrusted the Agent with the sale of the property and who will, following a sale, pay the Agents fees. By contrast, a PS looks exclusively after the interest of the Purchaser who pays the fee for the Personal Shopper´s services provided during the whole process of the search and purchase of the right property.

The procedure of engaging a PS covers seven main basic stages as follows:

1.- An initial interview between the potential Purchaser and the PS is held to establish clearly what the property requirements and specifications of the purchaser are.

2.-Once the search parameters are clear, a contract is drawn between the two parties establishing clearly the services to be provided by the PS and the fees for such services. At this stage ,a small provisión of funds is required on account to cover the PS initial search cost, to be deducted from the final fees agreed.

3.- We undertake an exhaustive property search leading up to the property selection by all means at our disposal as explained above.

4.- Following the search, a  detailed report of the selected properties is submitted to the client.

5.- Initial viewings of the selected properties are arranged saving valuable time for all concerned.

6.- Once a property or properties have been shortlisted, we will undertake all the necessary negotiations and conveyancing up to the signing of the appropriate property deeds.

7.- After the purchase has been completed we will continue to offer a full and comprehensive after-sales service to you, our client.